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How to check when the top-up ceases to be valid?

How to contact the operator when I dial 9000?

Manual internet settings - mobile phones

I paid my bill, how to reconnect my number after it had been disconnected?

What can I do over the voice machine at 063/9000?

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How to file a complaint?


Moj Telenor


Moj Telenor app

The application gives you the possibility to navigate through the following screens and use their functionalities:

  • Overview - This screen gives you an overview of current balance, last invoice, payment information, remaining traffic, check who you most communicate with and see active services on your number.
  • Bill  - On this screen you can see graphic overview of invoices for the past six months, and monthly spendings.
  • Services - Here you can see, activate/deactivate all Telenor offers.
  • Customer details - On this screen you see the details about your number and subscription, address for invoice delivery and PUK codes.
  • Telenor stores - Here you can locate five nearest Telenor stores on the map or look at the list of all Telenor stores in Serbia with their relevant addresses and working hours.
  • Help and support - Here you can find contact info of Telenor Call Center and support team.
Download Moj Telenor app i activate add-ons quick and easy!


Moj Telenor portal

My Telenor portal allows you to have complete control of your usage.

Check how many minutes, SMSs or MBs you have left and activate the latest Telenor services.At this moment, the portal is available in Serbian only.


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