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Prepaid users may use the roaming services provided that they have sufficient money on their account. Therefore, we advise prepaid users to add to their account a sum that would cover their planned expenditure in advance of their travel.
Due to technical limitations, prepaid users are not allowed to make direct calls from all networks in which they can use roaming services. The list of the countries and networks allowing for direct calls is given further down the page.  The calls may be initiated via the so called “call back“ from the majority of networks not listed herein.  
*123*phone number#
The phone number is best entered in the international format:
*123*00(country code)(network code)(subscriber’s number)#
The “call back“ services are used by:
  • Dialing the wanted number in the above format;
  • You will receive a message: "Your request has been granted. Please wait. Telenor.";
  • Wait for your telephone to ring and answer the call (this is the call back you initiated);
  • In the end, wait for the connection to the selected number to be made.
The prepaid users are charged for the roaming services in real time, so the usual way of control of the remaining credit on your account (*121#) will show a realistic situation even when you are in roaming.
List of countries possible to make a call from