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Make significant savings with TravelSure roaming tariff


 If you are a postpaid user, you have two roaming tariffs at your disposal – TravelSure and Standard roaming tariff.


Our recommendation, especially in case you are using a smartphone, is to use the TravelSure tariff as it offers full control of Internet costs in roaming, thus preventing the possibility of running a high bill unintentionally. In addition, and depending on the country of your destination, you can make significant savings on calls and Internet traffic with TravelSure as compared to the Standard roaming tariff.

For more information please read conditons of use of roaming.
If you use ”Prenesi i Dopuni" or "Kombinuj" packages, see the conditons of use for prepaid users.


Roaming traffic is charged on the basis of data we receive from the roaming partners. Therefore, calculation of expenditures in roaming is shown with a certain delay.