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What is roaming?

Roaming is a service allowing you to communicate continuously, even while you are abroad. Telenor offers roaming services in the networks of more than 360 operators in more than 160 countries around the globe.

Conditions of use of roaming

Roaming service is activated to the postpaid users automatically after the first paid bill, provided that the number was not shut off the network during that period (outgoing and incoming traffic). If you wish to use the roaming service before the first bill paid, postpaid users should pay the funds for this purpose in the amount of RSD 4,000. Payment of RSD 4,000 is also valid for the users who are late in settlement of their monthly bills. The proceeds that the user- natural person pays for activating the roaming service are treated as more funds paid and approved through the first monthly bill.

If you are a postpaid user, the roaming service will be activated after the payment of the first bill, provided that the number was not shut off the network during that period. Should you wish to use the roaming service before the above moment, you should pay the sum of RSD 4,000 for use of roaming .


In order for the prepaid users to be able to use the roaming service, they should have sufficient funds on their account.
Proposal: If you are a prepaid user, you should have sufficient funds on your account to allow you the use of the roaming service.


List of countries where roaming services are available



North America

Central and South America


Australia and Oceania

Satellite, seaborne and airplane networks

* Although Telenor has an effective contract on roaming with the Iranian operator MCI, due to the technical problems we cannot guarantee the users they will actually be able to use the roaming service in Iran at this moment.


What should I check before going abroad?

If you are a postpaid user, check whether the roaming service has been activated on your number. You can do that by dialing, free of charge, the interactive voice respond: 063/ 9000.

Also, check out below items before leaving:

  • Whether Telenor offers roaming services in the country of your destination
  • Which services are supported
  • Prices of roaming in the country of your destination
  • Whether there is an offer allowing you savings on the roaming services.

You can read this information here.


If you do not want to use the roaming services while abroad, redirect your calls. While you are still in the Telenor network, in the settings, select option ”Unconditional redirection “. All the other options of redirection may result in the roaming services being collected to you. For more information see here.


Communication while abroad

Upon arrival at you destination, Telenor will send you one or two text messages, depending on the country, with information about the prices of the roaming services at your destination, as well as on potential roaming options that may help you save on the roaming services. These text messages, as all the other Telenor text messages you receive while in roaming, are free of charge.
Telenor roaming offer is designed as per principle ”one country, one price “. This means that the roaming prices are identical in all the networks in a country and therefore you need not worry about the network you are using but may let the telephone automatically select a network. Also, the prices are the same irrespective of the destination you are calling so there is no difference in price if you call a number in Serbia, in the country of destination or a third country.
The only exception is when you travel to Montenegro because of the special conditions effective in the Telenor Montenegro network – much more favourable than in the other two Montenegrin networks. Therefore, we advise you to manually select Telenor Montenegro (former Promonte) upon arrival in Montenegro.
While in roaming, the safest way of selecting the preferred number is the one in international format, e.g. +381 63 123 456. This is applied to calls and text messaging. If you do not wish to use the roaming services and have not redirected your calls before leaving home, you can do that while in roaming, following the steps described here.