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1.What most frequently influences the unwanted usage of Internet traffic in roaming? How to prevent having high bill for roaming?


2.Do you charge balance check in roaming?


3.Why is it impossible for me to check my balance and get debt information in real time while in roaming?


4.Do you charge listening to voice mail in roaming?


5.How is diverting charged in roaming?


6.How is use of Internet charged in roaming?


7.Can I activate Travel Sure tariff abroad?


8.What is the difference between roaming and international calls?


9.Do I pay incoming SMS message when in roaming?


10.When in Serbia, how am I charged for calls to numbers which are in roaming?


11.Why is roaming in Serbia more expensive compared to EU?


12.I am a new customer, when will I have the roaming service activated?


13.Useful and free short codes in roaming and service activation