Standing payment order


Simpler way of payment

Why to stand in a queue for bill payments when you can do it completely free of charge by a standing payment order. Leave it to a bank to think about your monthly liabilities and even interest-free.
What is a standing payment order?
Standing payment order is a contractual relation between an account holder and a bank, under which the account holder gives an authorisation to the Bank to pay in his name an on behalf of him equal or different amounts in line with contracted payment terms.  
In our case, the subject of payment is private users’ Telenor post-paid bills.  

The Bank shall pay the bills by making an automatic transfer of funds from your account to Telenor account – no need to come in a bank and bring bills.

Advantages of the standing payment order
  • No queuing
  • Saving time, money and energy
  • Quick and simple procedure
  • Cheaper transaction
  • Transfer of payment responsibility to a bank
Telenor has provided its users with a standing payment order with following business banks:
  • Telenor Bank
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Banca Intesa
  • Societe Generale
  • Komercijalna banka
  • Eurobank EFG
  • Piraeus Bank
  • Poštanska štedionica
  • Univerzal banka
Application for a standing payment order is very simple – you only need to complete a request for opening a standing payment order at a desk of a bank where you have a current account.
After you make a contract with a bank, it shall automatically transfer funds on bill’s due date, each month, and Telenor shall proceed to deliver monthly bills to your home address.
You only have to provide available funds at your current account on Telenor bill due date.