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Telenor mCard

You have run out of credit and there is no place nearby to make a recharge? Either you are in public transport or wishes to recharge a credit of for your child or parents, the solution for you is a new Telenor service – mCard. You personally pick out the amount, time and place, skip queues and make full control of your costs.
Telenor network presents you the service that enables credit recharge directly from your VISA or Dina Card paycard account. With registraton of the service you will be given an option to recharge any number with the flexible amount, ranging from 200 to 5000 RSD (the amount must be a whole number) for VISA card users and from 300 to 2000 RSD for Dina Card users, and only with a single SMS sent.
Validation period of charges executed in this manner is 330 days + 30 days additional charging period.  

Service registration

Registration is made in the bank that issued the card. Currently the mCard service is supported by following Visa and Dina cards issuing banks:

Visa Card DinaCard
    Alpha Bank
    NLB Banka Srbija 
    Hypo Alpe Adria Bank 
    Komercijalna banka
    Credit Agricole Srbija
    OTP Banka Srbija
    Piraeus Bank
    ProCredit Bank
    Raiffeisen Bank
    Societe Generale Banka Srbija

    AIK banka 
    Banka Intesa
    Čačanska banka 
    Credy banka 
    Eurobank EFG
    KBC Banka 
    Komercijalna banka 
    Credit Agricole Srbija
    Razvojna banka Vojvodine
    OTP Banka Srbija
    Piraeus Bank 
    Poštanska štedionica banka
    Privredna banka Beograd 
    ProCredit Bank 
    Srpska banka 
    Univerzal banka

After registration you will receive from the bank officer all necessary instructions and parameters for service use. In addition to printed instructions, you will receive also an SMS containing your PIN code – password (this SMS is confidential and you are recommended to remember the PIN and delete the message).

    In order to successfully recharge your personal or some other persons's prepaid credit, you should send an email in the correct format 8484.
    Recharge specification – format of SMS for credit recharge:
    1. to recharge your personal number:
      1 PIN AMOUNT (or) D PIN AMOUNT (the amount in dinars must be the whole number, e.g.: 300, 450 or 2300)
    2. to recharge some other's number:
      2 PIN phone number AMOUNT (or) DPP PIN phone number AMOUNT (providing "phone number" is in format "06xxxxxxx")
    3. to receive info on the latest transaction, enter:
      3 PIN (or) T PIN
    4. to change password, enter:
    5. for help enter:
      6 PIN (or) HELP PIN
    6. to select the language:
      7 PIN Language (or) LANGUAGE PIN Language (enter S for Serbian and E for English).
    You will receive different transaction-results dependant SMS messages, including information on successfully made recharge and various infos on failed recharge, reasons thereof or change of password.


To recharge your personal number with 1300 RSD, provided your PIN is 1234, the message format is as follows:
1 1234 1300  
D 1234 1300
Message should be sent to 8484.
To recharge the number 063234543 with 1300 RSD, provided your PIN is 1234, the message format is as follows:
2 1234 063234543 1300  
DPP 1234 063234543 1300
Message should be sent to 8484.


    Service registration is free of charge as s result of business policy of each individual bank. SMS sent to number 8484 is free of charge.

    Following regulations shall be valid for all users:


    • Daily limit 5.000 RSD for VISA cards and 2000 RSD for DinaCard cards
    • Monthly limit 15.000 RSD
    • Users shall receive relevant SMS message in case of limit exceeding
    • User shall keep its PIN code (password) in a safe place without disclosing it to third persons. Telenor shall bear no responsibility in case of its misuse.
    • You may contact your business bank or Telenor Contact centre 063/9000 for further information
    • Sending a message to number 8484 from roaming will be charged at the current price list for the SMS service in zone where the user is located.