Price List

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Subscription to BlackBerry® service shall be charged as additional subscription to your already existing tariff package:

BlackBerry® Internet Solution
Monthly subscription
Traffic included in the subscription (MB)
30 MB
Price of excessive traffic
according to the plan

Prices are given in RSD.
VAT is included.
Traffic included in the subscription can be used for receiving and sending e-mail messages, as well as for Internet browsing.
Users have a possibility of activating the tariff add-on that enables them to use BlackBerry services under favourable terms while abroad. With the additional subscription of 588,82 dinars, users become entitled to 20% discount to GPRS traffic made using this service while in roaming.

Pretplata za BlackBerry® roaming 598,80
Popust na GPRS saobraćaj 20%

Price is given in RSD.
VAT is included.
In order to activate add-on for subscriber numbers owned by Physical persons you can send SMS message reading BB to number 9000.
The user who no longer wants to use the tariff add-on has to deactivate it. You can deactivate this tariff add-on by sending SMS message reading BB stop to number 9000.
Other conditions for use:
Basic tariff unit for GPRS roaming traffic for BlackBerry service is 100 KB. 
Irrespective of the day of the month when the add-on was activated, the user shall get a discount on traffic for the entire month in which the add-on was activated and shall be charged the full monthly subscription.
When deactivating the add-on, the user shall not be entitled to a discount on traffic for the whole month in which the service was deactivated and no monthly subscription shall be charged for that month.
In one month the user shall be entitled to one activation and deactivation of BlackBerry roaming add-on.
Smartphone prices
You can buy BlackBerry® smartphones at subsidised prices and with contractual obligation for tariff package and BlackBerry service of 12 or 24 months.