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What do I need in order to use BlackBerry service? 
In order to use BlackBerry service, you first need to be Telenor postpaid subscriber. In addition, for BlackBerry® Internet Solution service you need a BlackBerry® smartphone and e-mail address.

Do I have to buy new subscriber number in order to use this service? 
No. The service can be activated on the post-paid card the user already owns.
Can I activate the service on some other manufacturer’s phone, e.g. Nokia, Sonny Ericsson...? 
No. This service can currently be activated only on BlackBerry smartphones.
I already have a BlackBerry phone I bought abroad (or from another operator). Can I activate service on this phone?
You may, but you first have to check whether the handset is coded for the network of the operator from which you have bought it. In case the handset is locked, you have to address the respective operator requesting the unlocking of handset.
If I am buying BlackBerry phone with contractual obligation, does the contractual obligation relate only to the tariff package? 
No. The contract obligation relates also to tariff package and subscription to BlackBerry service.

Does 30 MB of traffic included in the subscription relate to the traffic in roaming? 
No. The traffic included in the subscription only relates to traffic in Telenor network. The user can activate the tariff add-on for BlackBerry roaming, which entitles him to a 20% discount to traffic made with this service while in roaming.

What happens if they steal my BlackBerry phone? 
You should report it to Telenor Customer Care service so as to deactivate BlackBerry service. This shall prevent further forwarding of your data to the stolen device.

How shall costs of this service be presented in the bill?
Subscription to BlackBerry service shall be shown together with other subscriptions and GPRS traffic over the free traffic quota, together with other GPRS traffic.