BlackBerry® Internet Solution

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BlackBerry® Internet Solution enables you to receive and send electronic mail and access Internet from the BlackBerry smartphone, along with all functions provided by a mobile handset. With single BlackBerry smartphone you can control up to 10 business and private e-mail accounts.

Možete istovremeno kontrolisati i do 10 poslovnih i ličnih e-mail naloga sa jednog BlackBerry smart telefona. 

Basic characteristics

All you need to activate this solution is:
    • BlackBerry smartphone
    • E-mail address
    • Filled request for activating BlackBerry service .
Compatibility with different e-mail platforms 
This solution is compatible with different types of e-mail accounts: accounts provided by local Internet providers, as well as webmail accounts such as MSN® Hotmail®, Yahoo® Mail or Gmail™.

Quick and simple adjustment of e-mail accounts. You have two ways of adjusting your accounts at your disposal so start using them:

    Basic functionalities

    You have the following possibilities at your disposal with BlackBerry Internet Solution:
      • e-mail - Receiving and sending messages using “push” technology, including the survey of attached files in formats such as Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Adobe® PDF, HTML, as well as picture formats such as BMP, JPG, TIFF and PNG;
      • Administering more e-mail accounts simultaneously – You can control up to 10 business and private e- mail accounts. You can also adjust special icons for each account and “sent from” option so that you can easily select the account from which you want to reply or write a new message;
      • BlackBerry® Desktop Software enables you to adjust data from the calendar, phonebook, reminder and daily tasks between your personal PC and Blackberry smartphone. Also makes it possible to download different applications from the PC to Blackberry phone, and exchange documents between these devices;
      • Internet access – built-in BlackBerry browser enables instant wireless access to Internet. Thanks to the fact that it supports full HTML contents, pictures in full colours and JavaScript™, you shall have the same experience browsing Internet with BlackBerry smartphone as when you do it from your PC. Optimisation technology secures 50% to 100% of data compression, as well as faster downloading of web pages.

    In addition to the above stated, you shall have the opportunity to download a large number of different applications specially created for BlackBerry devices. Whether you want additional solutions to increase work productivity, for satellite navigation, or fun and leisure time, you shall find applications suited to your needs.