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Video call is a service available to all users of Telenor network, enabling you not only to hear but also see the person you are exchanging video call with. Apart from information (you can transfer through an ordinary call) the video call is an ideal way to convey to your collocutor your emotions, face expression or the atmosphere, pictures, sounds from the place you are calling from.
In order to be able to use the video call service, it is imperative that the handset support 3G).
The signal of 3G network is currently available in all major cities in Serbia, while we are constantly expanding our network. You can get the latest information on the coverage of specific zones by 3G network signal if you calling Telenor Contact centre on 063/9000.
In order to establish a video call with a specific subscriber his/her phone also has to support 3G technology, and during the call both of you have to be in a zone covered by the 3G network signal.
It is possible to exchange video calls with users of other national mobile operators.

Prices of video calls

There is no monthly subscription for the video call service, and calls are charged in the same way as ordinary voice calls at prices from the user’s tariff package.

Use of video calls in roaming

Telenor users already have a possibility of making video calls in networks of specific number of Telenor roaming partners who have 3G. As regards tariffing, in this case countries and mobile operators are divided into four roaming zones.

Check whether there is a video call service for the country you are going to.