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You can use this service if the Short Message Service (SMS) has been activated for your account. When the service has been activated in the central system you need to activate it on your handset.

In order to activate this service on your handset you need to enter the following settings:

  • in the main menu choose the option MESSAGE (or MAIL depending on the handset)
  • next choose the option that will allow you to change the basic parameters for sending messages (MESSAGE SETTINGS, SEND MESSAGE OPTIONS, etc.)
  • the following parameters should be entered,
      • the number of service center (MESSAGE CENTER NUMBER, SERVICE CENTER, etc.). This is where you should enter Telenor’s service center for sending messages: +38163100100
      • message type. Depending on the type of handset you should choose one of the following four options: SMS, TEXT, DEFAULT, or STANDARD.
      • The message validity time (MESSAGE VALIDITY). Select 24 hours for this parameter.
Price of national SMS is defined within every tariff plan. Please refer to "Tariff plans" for more details.
International SMS
SMS lenght
International SMS

Price of sending SMS messages abroad: 18,00 RSD for all Telenor customers.
All displayed prices are with included VAT.
Sending a text message will be charged immediately upon posting. Delivery of SMS messages to an international destination is only possible if the destination is on the list of roaming partners.
SMS lenght

The standard text message contains up to 160 characters (letters, numbers, simbols), but the new generation of SMS allows the sending of messages that are longer than 160 characters.
The mobile handsets of new generations, support two ways of coding an SMS, that influences the charging:

  • 7 bit GSM Alphabet code (ASCII) that does not support letters č, ć, đ, š and ž and can contain the maximum of 160 characters
  • 16 bit Unicode2 code, that allows the usage of letters č, ć, đ, š and ž and can contain up to 70 signs. The usage of mentioned signs (latin and cyrillic alphabet) the longer message or the message that contains more than 70 signs is charged as a series of „short“ SMS.

Depending on the model of the mobile handset, if the recipient of the SMS uses the prone that does not support longer messages, he will receive only one message, or the series of short messages will be delivered.
The messages that contain more than 160 standard characters (or 70 non special characters) will be charged and in the specification of the traffic will be shown as separate „short“ SMS.


      Some handset models show the number of messages that will be charged on the screen (total amount of available characters/number of messages).
      Also, depending on the option of language selection on the handset, some models code all messages as Unicode2 even though they do not contain special characters (latin and cyrillic letters).
      In a situation when a message contains an animation or some graphical image that are supported by a number of handsets, and that are used within the text of the message, a binar coding of the signs and messages will be done and in this case there will be the maximum of 144 characters available.
      Also, the sending (of short and long) SMS on a number of subscribers is charged as if it was sent to each of them individualy.