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Paying parking with mobile phones

Users of Telenor network have a possibility of paying parking services with their mobile phones.

Users wanting to pay parking over their mobile phones should write SMS message including the registration plates of a vehicle for which they want to pay the parking and send it to the parking zone number in which they have parked their vehicle. E.g.: message text: BG123456 is sent to number 9XYZ. The parking zone number (9XYZ) to which the SMS should be sent includes:

  • 9-parking number
  • XY-town dialling code
  • Z-parking zone numeric mark

Examples of parking zone numbers in towns


Beograd - 9111 9112 9113
Niš - 9181 9182 9183
Novi Sad - 8211 8212 8213
Download the complete list of parking zone numbers in Serbia (PDF 80KB).

  • by sending a SMS message to the parking zone number, a user can pay up to one hour of parking, at maximum, and the extension of the parking depends on the parking time limit for the corresponding parking zone;
  • the price of sending a SMS message has been fixed under the valid Price List of company Telenor, and the parking price has been fixed in Price Lists of the Parking Enterprise;
  • after first successfully used m-parking service, the system enables simple method of new payment of parking for the same vehicle. It is sufficient for the user to send the symbol * as SMS message content from the same mobile phone number to the m-parking number and once again register or extend the parking for the vehicle with same registration plates;
  • a user may pay the parking in several different parking zones and/or for several vehicles (previously paid parking will not be cancelled);
  • paying the parking with by service is available 24 hours a day, and is charged according to prescribed times for charging the parking. The 24-hour availability of parking payment implies a possibility of paying the parking for the first following working hour also after working hours.

Confirmation of the effected parking payment

The confirmation of the paid parking shall come as a return SMS message to a user’s mobile phone, with all the data on the paid parking. A user shall be under the obligation to save the return SMS message because it serves as a proof on the paid parking in case the end-user (driver) is fined by the Parking Enterprise by mistake. Users may consider that they have paid the parking only after they receive a return SMS message on paid parking. In case they do not receive the confirmation in adequate time interval (5-7 minutes) the transaction has been cancelled and the user shall be informed thereof accordingly.

How the return message looks like:
How the return message looks like:
Parking zone: 911 - Beograd, 1st Zone
Transaction No/parking card No: 000468055
Vehicle: BG123456
Parking paid till: 07:31, 24.08.
Price: 20.00 dinars

    • if a user doesn’t receive a return message on the paid parking within 2 minutes, the payment of parking by m-parking service has failed and the service shall not be charged;
    • by sending a symbol ? as SMS message content to the same parking zone number, a user can get a status of parking paid at that moment in that zone.

    SMS message on the expiry of paid parking - "Reminder"

    A reminder on the expired paid parking shall arrive to the user’s mobile phone 5 minutes before the paid time expires, as a SMS message.

    • the user can extend the parking for another hour by sending a SMS message with the same registration plate number or just a symbol * to the same parking zone number;
    • extension of parking time depends on the parking time limit for the corresponding parking zone;
    • after the expiry of the maximum allowed parking time, a user can pay the parking over m-parking service in the next 15 minutes.
    • In case parking has not been paid for a parked vehicle (by mobile phone or in some other way) or the time limit for which the payment has been made has been exceeded, a controller shall issue a fine note over integrated transfer terminal (pocket PC) in line with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure (decision) on methods of Parking Collection and Control.
    • Parking service assumes for every city the role of information Call Centre (011/3035-400 for Belgrade) for service users who, among others, use the service of paying a parking place over mobile phones and to which users can convey their complaints, objections, proposals and suggestions.
    SMS price with sent request for mobile parking payment is 3,60 RSD + the price of parking depending on the town and the parking zone (please reffer to the prices directly on the parking spot for more infos).

    All displayed prices are with included VAT.