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A service named "SMS nickname"enables you to register a unique nickname and use it as identification when sending SMS messages. In other words, if you send a message over this service, the recipient shall not see your number, but only the chosen nickname. This service enables you to send SMS messages to users of all national mobile phone operators.

If you send the message in the usual way, the display shall be the same, i.e. showing the sender’s number, not the nickname.

Registering the nickname

In order to activate this service you need to send the following message: n xxxxxxxxxxx to number 9777. Instead of xxxxxxxxxxx insert the chosen nickname.

The nickname should have at least 3 and not more than 11 characters. When choosing the nickname use only small and capital letters of English alphabet, numbers (up to 3 in a sequence) and character _. The nickname cannot be registered if you have used space or the following Serbian characters č,ć,đ,š,ž.

If, for example, you want to register the nickname Peter Pan, your message should read: n Peter_Pan.

Sending messages with the nickname

Once you have registered your nickname you should send messages to number 9777. The message should read: 06xxxxxxxx message text.

In other words, if you want to send a message reading “Guess who?“, to number 0631234567, SMS to be sent to number 9777 should read: 0631234567 Guess who?

The user you have sent your message to shall receive a SMS stating that the sender is Peter Pan (not showing the phone number from which the message was sent).

If you send the message directly to the recipient’s number, the message shall be displayed in a standard form without the nickname.

Reply to received message

In order to reply to the message signed with a nickname the recipient sends a SMS to number 9777 in the format nickname message. In other words, in this case the message should read: Peter_Pan Don’t know.

  • It shall not be possible to register a nickname that has already been taken
  • It shall not be possible to register more than one nickname for one user number
  • Nickname can be changed unlimited number of times under the same procedure as for the first time
  • In order for a nickname to remain active, this service has to be used at least once every six months
  • Once registered nickname shall remain active until changed or upon the expiry of 6 months as of registration – i.e., no need to register the nickname before each message is sent
  • A message can have 160 characters. Should the user try to send a message with more than 160 characters, he shall receive a message that his message format is wrong
  • Telenor reserves the right to prohibit a user from using this service in cases of service abuse (harassing other users).
SMS messages for nickname registration and change, as well as messages sent via this service shall be charged at the  SMS price, according to the tariff package.