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The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a service that opens entirely new communications options. You can now send and receive messages, using a mobile telephone, and which can include color photographs, polyphone melodies, audio files, as well as a combination of these, in addition to text. Simply take a photograph, ma a recording, add some text, and send all that together from your mobile phone - in a single MMS message!

You can send such a message to another MMS telephone or to an e-mail address.

In addition to photographs and audio files, you can also use images and melodies have been previously downloaded from the Web or WAP.
Of course you can also use images and melodies from the MMS libraries provided for you by Telenor, giving you complete freedom when creating your own MMS messages.

If an MMS message has been sent to you to a telephone that supports this service, you will be informed upon reception. When you receive it the image in the MMS message will be displayed, with the text beneath the image, while the melody plays in the background…


In order to use the MMS service you need to activate the GPRS and MMS services, which can be done by calling the Contact center at 063/9000.

Maximum size of the MMS is 400 KB when sent within the network and 200 KB when sent outside the network. The size of the received MMS message depends also on the model of handset receiving the MMS message. Telenor cannot always guarantee that the size of delivered MMS message will be adjusted to the screen size of the model of the MMS message receiving handset.
Each handset model has a special setup. The subscriber can choose one of the following three ways to execute this:
  1. Manual setup. Instructions for entering the settings for MMS will be sent to your email account.
  2. Sending a configuration message from the Internet. By entering you telephone number on the automatic MMS configuration page then subscriber can “send himself/herself” an SMS message that will automatically set up the MMS parameters on his/her telephone.
Price per one national MMS depend on used tariff package.

Price per one international MMS is: 30,00 RSD. You can exchange a MMS to an international destination if the destination is on the list of roaming partners.
All displayed prices are with included VAT.