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Telenor customers have the option of receiving an SMS with information about missed calls. Namely, customers are unavailable when their telephone is switched off, or when the customers is out of network range. When the customer’s handset is switched off any possible incoming call will not be answered.
In such cases the Telenor network registers the missed call and as soon as the customer’s handset reconnects to the network, the system sends an SMS containing information on the number of missed calls as well as a detailed list of call times and the originating phone numbers.
This service is free of charge for all customers and is automatically activated for all customers that have SMS sending and receiving. After a number temporary disconnection (suspensions) this service is disabled, and if the user wants to reactivate it should contact Contact center on number 063/9000 and submit the request.

Available again

Customer A, who dialed customer B and was informed that the latter is unavailable, will receive an SMS report when customer B is available again.

The message text is "Korisnik 063/123456 je ponovo dostupan!" (“Customer 063/123456 is available again!”). The message received from the number 9000. The only condition is that customer B reconnects to the network within 72 hours.
Customers that do not wish the caller to be informed when they reconnect to the network, they should contact the Telenor Contact center.