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This additional service allows for simultaneous connections to be made with a number of parties, regardless of whether they use landlines or mobile handsets. The subscriber that establishes the conference call can talk at the same time with all or some parties, or completely leave of the conversation, allowing them to talk between themselves, and then subsequently rejoin the conversation.

It is important to note that the subscriber that establishes the conference call is charged for all parallel calls!

In order for the subscriber to establish a conference call, the call waiting option should be set on their handset.

Subscriber A calls person B; when the connection is established places the call on hold, then calls person C. When the connection is established with person C, subscriber A should press 3 and confirms (button YES, green handset, OK, etc.). That way all three parties will be online. The procedure is the same for any additional persons that may be added to the conversation.

This service is free of charge for all Telenor customers, expect for postpaid customers using "Porodični" tariff plan, where monthly subscription is 34,80 RSD.
All displayed prices are with included VAT.