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Your old number now in Telenor network!

You can now become Telenor user, but keep your old phone number. Whether you are prepaid or postpaid user, by porting your number to Telenor network, you can select any service you want.
All you need is visit Telenor shop and start number porting process in several simple steps. 

Firstly, check whether you meet basic number portability requirements:

    • Number porting procedure can be launched if you have no contract obligation to your previous operator.
      • If you are a postpaid user, it’s important to cover all your outstanding liabilities to the old operator. Take to Telenor shop the last due paid bill so that you can start the number porting process.
        • If you are a prepaid user, it’s important to register. You can do it in Telenor shop too, when filing the request, with a valid personal ID document, SIM card and PUK1 number.
          Check with your old operator if the number has already been registered in another person’s name. If it has, re-register it in your name, before filing a request.
          • It’s important that the number you want to port to Telenor network is not already in the process of being ported.
            • You can successfully port your number to Telenor, after at least 90 days spent in the old network.
              • If you are below 18 years of age, your parent or guardian can file the number porting request.  

              If you meet all the above requirements, come to Telenor shop and your request will be accepted.

              1. Telenor salespersons will help you properly complete the Porting Request, so that together you can make sure that all conditions for number porting have been fulfilled.
              2. After that, you will get new Telenor SIM card with your old number.
              3. Within three working days we will send you SMS information whether your request has been accepted and the date when your Telenor SIM card will become active. Up till then you can use your old card as usual. With the activation of the new card, the old one will stop functioning and you can simply continue communications from your old number in the new network!
              4. If you picked handset when signing the contract, we will send it to your address, together with Contract Annex.
              5. If you decide not to take a new phone now, when transferring to Telenor network, you can do it later, whenever you want.

                For all you want to know, you can call Telenor Contact Centre at 063 9000


                Choose Telenor network, keep your old number and enjoy an excellent communications experience!

                Number porting service is a legal obligation of all mobile operators. The Republican Electronic Communications Agency prescribes the process of filing the request and Telenor has no influence on the approval and porting time limits.
                No fee is paid for the remaining prepaid credit amount and unused traffic in the previous network.
                Add-ons activated with the previous operator cannot be ported.

                Sav saobraćaj koji je obavljen sa stare kartice, do trenutka aktivacije nove se plaća prethodnom operateru. Korisnik je dužan da izmiri sve obaveze plaćanja usluga koje je koristio do trenutka prenosa broja iz jedne mreže u drugu. U suprotnom je kompanija Telenor dužna da pokrene suspenziju broja na trideset dana, kao i isključenje, ukoliko obaveze ne budu izmirene u navedenom roku.