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Activate E-bill and receive and pay your monthly bills much more quickly and simply.


Environmental protection

Important thing is that by activating e-bill and reduced consumption of paper, we all contribute to the environmental protection and help develop global ecological awareness.

Overview of monthly and daily usage

By transferring to E-bill, you will get to your e-mail all the data you receive earlier, but provided that in the electronic version you will have additional information available: overview of your monthly and daily usage.

SMS on bill details

Apart from e-mail, all the data on the amount and payment method for your bill, will arrive in an SMS message so that you will have insight into everything, even when unable to access the Internet.

Simple payment

With the help of e-bill, with one click you can pay your bill online without waiting in queues.


Quick and easy activation

E-bill activation procedure is very simple. Access the application Moj Telenor or register at the portal Moj Telenor. Also, you can activate e-bill by calling Telenor Contact Centre or going to the nearest Telenor shop..

E-bill terms of use