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Knowledge of the world on your phone screen...

Digital encyclopedia of free content is now available to all users of Telenor network.

Wikipedia slogan reads: "Free encyclopedia that anyone can edit". Wikipedia is a service that enables access to Wikipedia mobile site and application free of charge in national traffic to all Telenor Customers who activate this tariff add-on.

When you want to know everything...

To its customers (prepaid and postpaid) and legal entities (which have available data service) on the territory of Serbia, Telenor provides unlimited internet traffic for the use of Wikipedia service at no additional charges after its activation.

Note: If you leave Wikipedia environment, i.e. if you open other internet links, internet traffic will be charged according to the standard pricelist of the package you are using. 

How to activate?

If you are a user of the new PLAY+ packages, within Moj Telenor application or Moj Telenor portal you can  opt for “Wikipedia” as a service you can use at no additional charges within the package. Service is free of charge.

Terms of Use of Wikipedia


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Moj Telenor app


Activate service via