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Makes the work with phonebook easier

My contacts makes the work with phonebook easier and very simply transfers contacts from one phone to another.
Also, in case you lose or damage your device, the application My Contacts comes in very handy since it saves all your contacts online.

Another great option of this application is a possibility of transferring one’s contacts from the old devices, which were used before the smartphones appeared. It’s enough to visit the  web application and register with your mobile phone number, e-mail and password. As of that moment, you can add or delete contacts, as well as change data for each contact individually.

My Contacts web site

If there are duplicates, it will possible to tie them under one contact with My Contacts application. Also, you can assign profile picture from Facebook account to contacts.

Visit My Contacts web site and easily enter new contacts and make necessary changes. All changes in the phonebook will be automatically synchronised with your phone. Application My Contacts currently supports all mobile platforms, except for phones based on Windows operating systems.


How to activate?


Activation and deactivation of MY CONTACTS tariff add-ons:

  • By sending a MC in a SMS message to number  9000
  • Via Moj Telenor application Moj Telenor
  • By USSD menu  *111#

The service My Contacts is not additionally charged, but traffic for this service will be charged.


Activate service via

Moj Telenor app


Activate service via