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Activate Capture add-on and you will get 100 GB of storage space for your photos and videos, as well as additional 10GB of Internet traffic for Capture app. 


Your memories are ALWAYS SAFE


In case you lose, damage or replace your mobile phone or tablet, your photos will still be safe. You'll have simple access to them both from your mobile device and your computer via your single account.

Capture is very simple to use. All you have to do is download the application to a smart device and create a user account. You can simultaneously customise the option for automatic uploading of photos and video clips. This option can be chosen in the application so that you will have full control of the usage of the application. Telenor provides sufficient internet traffic, so you don't have to worry while using this service.

Characteristics and advantages of Capture


How to activate?


Capture is available for all Telenor users via Moj Telenor app or portal and is valid 30 days from day of activation. Activation of Instagram service as tariff add-on is charged 295 RSD monthly (taxes included)

If you are a user of  Play+ or Premium+ packages, within Moj Telenor application or Moj Telenor portal you can  opt for Capture as a service you can use at no additional charges within the package.

Activated add-on is automatically renewed every month. The user can, at any moment, opt out of this service via Moj Telenor app or portal.

Price: 295 RSD monthly, or 30 days after activation.

Capture terms of use

Capture FAQs


Activate service via

Moj Telenor app


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