Telenor family

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Unlimited talks and texts

Round up you Telenor Family group and enjoy unlimited communication with everyone in the group - via SMS and calls.

All members of Telenor Family group talk and text each other in national traffic, without spending minutes and SMS form their individual packages.


Up to 50% more minutes, SMS and Internet

Bigger the family bigger the bonus traffic!

Round up your Telenor Family with three, four or five members and, depening on the number of members, you can get 30%, 40% or 50% of bonus traffic within your own packages.

All members get this bonus - up to 50% more minutes, SMS and Internet.


Share Internet

If you have unspent bonus Internet traffic or data from your tariff package you can transfer it to the another member of your Telenor Family.

If a member of a Telenor Family doesen't spend his Internet traffic he can send it to another member. That way you can use all bonus internet and data from tariff package during the month.


Telenor Family offer is charged 150 RSD with UAT inculded


General terms of use for Telenor Family