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Round up your Family in Telenor with unlimited communication


Round up you Telenor Family group and enjoy unlimited communication with everyone in the group. Depening on the number of members, you can get 30%, 40% or 50% of bonus traffic within your own packages.  If you have unspent bonus Internet traffic you can transfer it to the another member of your Telenor Family.


You want more MB, SMS, MIN? - Telenor Više

With your existing postpaid package, select a corresponding internet package and you'll get 50% more messagesminutes and MBs in your postpaid package, as well as 50% more of GBs in your internet package.

With all that, all internet traffic your have from both packages, you can use combined on your smartphone, i.e. tablet or MiFi, just as it suits you. Telenor offer MORE doesn't require contract obligation, is not time limited and will be available for as long as promotion conditions are fulfilled.

Be always online, talk and text without thinking of usage.


Capture for free - Your memories are always safe

  • Store your memories safely on a protected online server.

  • Access your photos at any moment from any device.

  • Free your phone storage for other purposes.

  • Use internet traffic allocated solely for Capture application free of charge.


Buy the latest phone model whenever you want!


Select one of the models from our current offer and Telenor banka will make it possible to split the full phone price into 12 or 24 monthly instalments,with no interest.