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You can get answers to all your questions regarding Telenor service by dialing 063/9000. Telenor’s state-of-the-art Contact centre is at the service of all our customers.

The customer care service, with its team of highly-trained and already experienced young people, will enable you to get any information, quickly and simply, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you are calling the Contact Centre from a number in Telenor network in Serbia, calls are free of charge. If you are calling from numbers in other networks or from roaming, the talk to the operator shall be charged according to the valid Price List of the network you are using.


Apart from the Contact Centre at 063/9000, business users can also use a fax number 063/9002 and e-mail address: to send us the questions, suggestions, as well as requests for numbers.


Moj Telenor


Moj Telenor app

The application gives you the possibility to navigate through the following screens and use their functionalities:

  • Overview - This screen gives you an overview of current balance, last invoice, payment information, remaining traffic, check who you most communicate with and see active services on your number.
  • Bill  - On this screen you can see graphic overview of invoices for the past six months, and monthly spendings.
  • Services - Here you can see, activate/deactivate all Telenor offers.
  • Customer details - On this screen you see the details about your number and subscription, address for invoice delivery and PUK codes.
  • Telenor stores - Here you can locate five nearest Telenor stores on the map or look at the list of all Telenor stores in Serbia with their relevant addresses and working hours.
  • Help and support - Here you can find contact info of Telenor Call Center and support team.
Download Moj Telenor app i activate add-ons quick and easy!


Business Portal


Take full advantage of the Business Portal

ADMINISTRATION - Create and manage accounts, set rules and define privileges for the employees on the Business Portal.

ACCOUNT - Within this option, manage:

• Overall company debt;

• Accounts by collective contracts or by single numbers;

• Bills Archive - supervise and load bills up to 12 preveous months;

• Overview and history of debts and deposits.

SERVICES - Business Portal offers effortless activation of every Telenor business service, as well as those that provide faster and more effecient communication both in and out of the company.

SPECIFICATIONS - Gain insight in detailed lists of calls, GPRS connections, SMS and MMS messages sent from any number based in the company during a payment plan cycle.


How to become Business Portal user?


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