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Telenor offers a broad spectre of services designed to satisfy the needs of telephone companies and service providers across the Balkan region, and also support in satisfying the needs of their corporative customers for solutions internationally.

Telenor is, among other, focused on developing products and services of high practical utility value which enable full integration of any service provider’s solution with Telenor network.

The spectre of services provided by Telenor capacities includes solutions ranging from optical fibre lease to advanced services provided via IP/MPLS or TDM multiplexing.


Optical network

Telenor Common Network Operation Centre (CNOC) provides proactive surveillance of the entire network 24 hours a day 7 days a week with continuous monitoring of network performance.

IP transit


Ethernet services


Dark Fiber




Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) capacities


Our solutions can help improve Your business

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Telenor Tier3 Data Center

Telenor Tier3 Data Center was constructed and provides services according to Tier3 standards and is the first of the kind in the region.

The availability of the service is 99.99% and it is enabled thanks to N+1 redundancy of complete mechanical, electric and connection infrastructure in Telenor Tier3 Data Center.


Telenor Data Center

Telenor Data Center is connected via multiple connections to international Tier1 operators and national telecommunication networks, which besides high-quality of direct access to Internet, provides also the connection of distant locations of users via national and international lines.

Location: Omladinskih brigada 92, 11070 Beograd, Srbija
The data center is located in a separate building built in March 2010.




Power supply systems


Building management


Fire suppression