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Telenor Serbia presents its Business Intranet Service, a technology for data transfer through mobile network across the entire Serbian territory covered by Telenor’s signal, as well as abroad. 

This service provides DATA VPN features within the mobile telecommunications network, ensuring secure data transfer, access control and terminal addressing. As a user of our Business Intranet service, you will be able to access both the Internet and the information on your company network anywhere, anytime, whether it is e-mail, contacts, the calendar of your engagements or your business database, all that at a speed of data transfer that has finally made the mobile office concept a reality. 

Business Intranet will allow you to do the following:

  • Connecting remote fixed terminals to a central server
    • Telemetry – remote measurements.
    • Remote control of terminal equipment.
    • Remote administration / servicing remote units from your Company headquarters.
  • Access to information on the Internet
  • Access to company LAN
    • Coordinate and organize your business better and communicate more effectively with your mobile teams.
    • Do your work more quickly by accessing data at your Company headquarters, and allocate new tasks to your field personnel more efficiently.
    • Provide a secure connection to access databases, all documents and software applications available to company employees, and also to your e-mail server.
    • Access your quotes, pro forma invoices or catalogs including prices during a meeting with your client.
  • Access company information
    • Read your e-mail and respond to urgent commitments regardless of your current time and location.
    • Send orders and monitor their implementation even though you are outside your office.
    • Download company data in file format, browse your databases and access the addresses and telephone numbers that you need. 



Business Intranet will improve your business operation

  • Instant connection
With Business Intranet service you will always be online, but you will not be charged for your online presence. We charge the service only when you begin your data transfer.

  • Charging the data transferred 
Only the amount of data sent from or received by your computer will be charged, not the time you spend online.

  • Faster data transfer
Business Intranet solution is available across Serbian territory covered by Telenor Mobile Network with data transfer speed depending on the tariff package and intended service.

  • Geographical availability 
Business Intranet service is available to you across the territory covered by Telenor Mobile Network.


What terminal devices can be used to access the mobile network?

  • Any terminal device (MS – mobile station) that requires data transfer (cash machines, POS terminals, fiscal registers, surveillance cameras...) combined with an external modem, router or an embedded GPRS/3G/4G module
  • PC combined with a mobile telephone, external modem or an embedded module that supports GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/LTE technology
  • Tablets and PDA devices
  • Mobile phones


Connecting to Business Intranet

Data package transfer technology using the mobile network allows customers to freely access other data package transfer networks, such as the Internet or company LAN, using the IP connection between Telenor Mobile Network and external data transfer networks.

The point in the Telenor network in which access is allowed to an appropriate closed network of users is located directly in front of the GPRS router (GGSN). The parameter defining a data package's rights to pass to the appropriate private locations is called APN - Access Point Name.

The interconnection between company LAN network and Telenor Mobile Network can be achieved in two ways:

  • By using a leased line between Telenor infrastructure and the customer’s LAN server
  • By public Internet network using the IPsec protocol 
For more information, you can contact us by sending an email-a to the following address: