Fleet management

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The Fleet Management service enables remote positioning, monitoring and managing of vehicles.

Companies using fleet tracking service can significantly reduce operational business costs and increase fleet use efficiency.  

How does this service function? 

The use of state-of-the-art technology for vehicle monitoring is very simple. A certified GPS/GPRS modem is fitted into your vehicle , which by receiving data from the satellite sends information on the vehicle position over Telenor smart network to your PC. With an application you have a possibility to track the vehicle in real time, analyse fleet movement and generate vehicle position and use report. 

  • Full control of vehicle movement
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced fleet maintenance costs
  • Increased profitability, efficiency and safety of your business operations


How do you implement the above benefits?

  • By having insight whether your vehicles are used optimally by surveying working hours of vehicle use in combination with covered mileage.
  • By monitoring speeding and aggressive driving, which are most frequently the cause of excessive petrol consumption.
  • By using geographic data on locations so as to better plan and manage your fleet.
  • By having available all administrative data on your vehicles, registration dates, dates of technical inspection, spare parts in a systematized survey.
  • Telenor solution of vehicles monitoring offers all additional functionalities, such as r.p.m., fuel level in fuel tank, etc.
  • Statistical survey of the history of vehicle usage enables you to analyse and compare vehicle use and reduces the time of required planning of fleet use. All the data on all vehicles will be kept, which means that it will be possible to inspect the whole history of car movement at any time from the moment of service activation.
Why Telenor solution?

As the sixth ranking operator in the world, Telenor has exceptional experience and expertise in the sector of car positioning and tracking. As our customer we provide you with tested quality of service, as well as support in a form of: 
  • Field interventions in case of problems and defects on the territory of the whole Serbia
  • Replacement of non-functioning devices in warranty period
  • Software upgrading and car tracking map
  • Remote adjustment of GPS device
  • On duty phone and Customer centre for reporting problems
For more information on our offers please contact your Telenor business consultant or contact us at the mail address  business.solutions@telenor.rs.


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