Fixed Internet

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Depending on your business needs, you can select asymmetric internet, which enables you to download data at higher speeds than the one at which you upload them or, a symmetric internet that provides the same throughput rates when posting data. In addition, you choose the capacity on your own, i.e. speed of transfer which is most suitable for efficient and undisturbed operations.

Asymmetric Internet

Asymmetric Internet provides you:

  • Unlimited data transfer – Flat rate
  • Guaranteed speed and constant availability
  • High reliability of services
  • Higher download speeds than upload speeds
  • Optimized technical solution

Download  Mb/s
 Upload Mb/s 
Jedna mreža NET 10/5 10 5
Jedna mreža NET 15/7 15 7
Jedna mreža NET 20/8 20 8
Jedna mreža NET 30/10 30 10
Jedna mreža NET 50/20 50 20
Jedna mreža NET 80/30 80 30
Jedna mreža NET 100/40 100 40

Symmetrical Internet

Symmetrical Internet provides you:

  • Transfer data at high speed in order to increase the efficiency of your operations
  • Use of static IP address bands
  • Guaranteed speed and constant availability
  • High reliability of services



ADSL packages

Using Telenor ADSL Internet you get:

  • Internet access 24/7
  • Internet use without phone line interruptions
  • Free WiFi over our router
  • Possibility to choose between static and dynamic IP address
  • No charging per number of transferred data (Flat rate)
Max flow (Mb/s)
Monthly subscription*
(24 month obligation)
Monthly subscription*
(12 month obligation)
Telenor ADSL Internet M up to 5/1 1.790 din
2.270 din
Telenor ADSL Internet L up to 10/1 2.090 din
2.570 din
Telenor ADSL Internet XL up to 15/1 2.490 din
2.790 din
*prices with VAT included
The implementation of the services depends on technical possibilities. For all additional information, please contact your Account Manager or call the Business Contact Centre at number 063/9000.