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Digital services for business


Office 365 which uses cloud technology and offers you tools to perform a task at any location and from any device – from home, from the office, from your desktop computer, tablet or telephone. Telenor offers Office365 solution which represents a combination of office tools Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook, with Microsoft services in the cloud – e-mail, SharePoint, Lync and OneDrive.



Using Office 365 you may now perform any task from almost any location, from each of your devices and you will have a consistent, well laid out and fast work experience. 


Automatic tool updates

Office 365 minimises advance costs so you need not worry about the cost of hardware and software upgrades. Also, Office365 automatically updates and adds new functions to your tools.


Jednostavnija saradnja

You may multitask with your colleagues in real time, because Office365 allows shared calendars, instantaneous messages, web-based conferences and access to updated documents.



Price plans and activation

Office 365 is available for all Telenor business customers and a chosen price plan can be activated via Biznis portal or Moj Telenor app.


Plan features




699 RSD monthly

1.199 RSD monthly

1.599 RSD monthly

Complete, installed Office apps

(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher i OneNote on maximum 5 computers or Mac computers)


Office on tablets and telephones

(complete, installed Office experience on maximum 5 tablets and 5 telephones)


Office versions on the web

(including Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Data storage and sharing

(1 TB of storage space per customer)

Business class e-mail

(including the calendar and contacts with the 50 GB inbox )


Unlimited meetings on the network, IM i HD video conferences.

(Includes Lync application)


Business social network

that helps employees cooperate between sectors, from different locations and business applications


Maximum number of customers

300 300 300



Frequently Asked Questions