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Within the standard roaming tariff, the world is divided into 4 roaming zones and zone Region:


List of countries per zone:

Zone region

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Satellite, seaborne and airplane networks




Outgoing calls

Incoming calls
(voice and video calls)


Outgoing video calls

5 KB
Price for 100KB
after the first 5 kB
Zone 0

Zone Region 11,28*


- 0,21 4,20 35,50
Zone 1 109,90 44,90 6 89,90 27,90 179,90
Zone 2 159,90 54,90 6 99,90 32,90 239,90
Zone 3 249,90 79,90 6 109,90 37,90 399,90
Zone 4 379,90 99,90 6 119,90 49,90 659,90
Satellite, maritime and airplane networks 499,90 129,90 6 249,90 129,90 659,90
*Price of calls to all networks in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, North Macedonia, Albania and AP Kosovo i Metohija. For calls to other networks in the world price is 27,99 RSD/min.
  • All prices include VAT.
  • Outoging calls charged per minute of call (60+60);
  • Fee for establishment of connection for all outgoing calls is RSD 7.01, except for Zone 0 and Zone Region where call set up fee is RSD 0.
  • Incoming calls (video and voice calls) are charged per second of call;
  • Incoming calls in the Telenor Montenegro (Promonte) network for postpaid users are charged RSD 7.01 per call;
  • Transfer of data is charged by initial round-up at 5 KB, and each subsequent round-up at 100 KB (per formula 5 + 100 KB).
  • If we have a GPRS roaming and use of their 3G networks contracts signed with an operator, our users may use those speeds for transfer of data on their networks;
  • In Zone 0 and Zone Region incoming calls are charged at 30+1 second, without charging a connection fee. Data transfer in Zone 0 and Zone Region is charged at 1 KB.
  • MMS is charged: RSD 15.00 fixed per text message to users in Serbia and  RSD 30.00 to international networks, plus GPRS traffic as per price list for the given zone;
  • The outgoing video calls are charged per minute (60+60) and the incoming video calls per second in the countries and operators with whom we have enabled a video call service.
If you are using one of the following tariff packages: "MOJA FIRMA START" or "PRENESI I DOPUNI - TIM"  for the services in roaming, the same conditions apply as for prepaid roaming