Telenor internet for office   

Mobile internet packages


Place router anywhere in the office, plug it in and it should be ready to go.

Tether up to 32 devices to the router and all employees may enjoy Telenors 4G Internet.


Telenor internet za firmu 100

100 GB


10 mbps

1.599 RSD



Telenor internet za firmu 150

150 GB


Full 4G speed

1.999 RSD



50GB add-on

Don't worry if you need more internet because you can always activate a 50GB add-on via Business Portal.

Add-on price: 599 RSD

  • GB from add-on ar valid exclusively in national traffic and are spent before data traffic form the tariff plan.
  • Any unspent data traffic from add-on can't be transfered to the next month.