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Pick any internet modem, MiFi or tablet  from Telenor offer with one of Surfuj Plus internet tariff packages untill September 30th 2019, and you will get double quantity of gigabytes in the next year. 


New Telenor internet tariff package SURFUJ PLUS

Now you can get laptop or tablet computers from the big Telenor offer at great prices, pick new tariff packages SURFUJ PLUS with unlimited Internet! You will surf at full throughput speeds, and when you use up the envisaged quantity of megabytes from your package, you can continue using the Internet till the end of the month without paying any fee, at reduced throughput speeds.
Select a package that suits you most and start surfing!
Tariff package Monthly subscription Internet access Full speed GB
Maximum transfer rates***
SURFUJ PLUS XXL 4.190,00 Unlimited** 48 GB 42 Mbps
5,76 Mbps
SURFUJ PLUS XL 2.190,00 Unlimited** 36 GB 42 Mbps
5,76 Mbps
SURFUJ PLUS L 1.690,00 Unlimited** 24 GB 42 Mbps
5,76 Mbps
SURFUJ PLUS M 1.290,00 Unlimited** 12 GB 21 Mbps
5,76 Mbps
SURFUJ PLUS S 690,00 Unlimited** 3 GB 7,2 Mbps
2 Mbps

All prices are given in dinars, VAT included. Traffic is charged by rounding to 1KB. All internet traffic, included in the subscription, are valid only for use within Telenor Serbia’s network, where as roaming is charged under standard postpaid roaming price list.


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  • Possibility of returning the modem and terminating the contract within 3 days *
  • If, for any reason, you wish to stop using the Telenor Internet but you have signed the contract for a 12/24-month period, you can do it by returning the modem within 3 days as of the service activation. You can terminate the contract without paying the early termination fee. The money shall be refunded if you already paid the modem. You shall pay only the fee for using Telenor network (proportional subscription, SMS, calls, roaming and other services).

  • You can check your account balance by sending an SMS message with the following contents: STA to the number 9848 (SMS can be sent by using the modem application – through Telenor Internet modem) and you shall receive a feedback information on number of free MB remaining in your tariff package and a current debt, whereby a subscription, promotion and VAT are not included. This message is free of charge.


With new Surfuj Plus XXL enjoy in all tablets for 1 RSD

With new tariff package Surfuj Plus XXL you have at your disposal tablet devices from Telenor offer at the price of 1 dinar, with contract obligation of 24 and 36 months. Visit us in the nearest Telenor shop.


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