Combine Moja Firma

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Combine Moja Firma tariffs for your employees and save up to 20.000 when buying a new handset.


Preconditions for creating MOJA FIRMA combinations:

  • Purchase or contract renewal on the existing 3 or more numbers (SIM cards).
  • At least one number is taken without a handset.
  • Saving is made on all numbers which are taken without handsets, based on the amount of monthly subscriptions.
  • All numbers have a 24-month contractual obligation..

Explore some of the possible combinations


2 phones and 5 SIM cards


How to combine favorably for a smartphone?

If you already have or need 5 numbers for your business, you can easily make a combination to get an excelent smartphone for even better price. 


Tariff plan

Moja Firma Total 12

Moja Firma Total 4

Moja Firma Total 4

Moja Firma 400

Moja Firma 200

Monthly subscription

5.990 din 2.599 din 2.599 din 1.399 din 1.099 din
Savings MAX 20.000 din for both phones

Regular device price

18.990 din 5.970 din - -

New device price

1 din 4.959 din - -


20.000 din


1 phone and 4 SIM cards


2 phones and 3 SIM cards