Youth Club in Užice opened

The young of Užice got a suitable space for additional education and Internet Club 
Within the City Culture Centre the young of Užice got the first Youth Club, within which the Internet Club was also opened. The premises were renovated and fitted and Telenor Foundation provided ten laptops and the same number of modems with one-year unlimited Internet access, as well as a printer. 

The project was implemented in cooperation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, town of Užice and Telenor Foundation. 
“Užice is the education centre of the district to which young from other municipalities come so as to continue their schooling. Computers and Internet access are of great importance for their education and thanks to Telenor Foundation now they have it all at their disposal, in the Youth Club. In this way we are opening the doors to our young fellow citizens and promoting activities that contribute to their personal advancement and the development of the community,” says Saša Milošević, Užice Mayor.
The Internet Club, with all its contents, is intended primarily for the young, organisations working with youth, but also all interested citizens of Užice.

“We are pleased that after Požega, Loznica, Priboj, Raška and Nova Varoš, we have opened the Internet Club in Užice too. Our aim is to enable the young people all over Serbia to use all the benefits of Internet and, by promoting digital technologies, to initiate the activism and creativity of the young in local communities. We believe that the young are our future, which is why investing in the young and talented people is one of the main commitments of Telenor Foundation,” said Nevena Stefanović, Communications and PR Director in Telenor.
Within the Youth Club there will be workshops, such as 3D animation, online jazz school, school of journalism, computer training, computer training for visually impaired and many other things.