XIV Belgrade High School got free Internet

Vračar municipality and Telenor Foundation to introduce Internet to schools

June 5, 2009 – Students of the XIV Belgrade Grammar School have got today complete informatics equipment and free of charge access to the Telenor Internet thanks to initiative of the Youth Office of the borough of Vračar and partner support of the Telenor Foundation.

Branimir Kuzmanović, the President of the Vračar borough, talked about significance of the Youth Office of the borough of Vračar and their initiative on introducing the Internet in everyday communication of high school students, while the very project was presented by Ana Krstić, the Manager of the Telenor Foundation.

“Vračar borough is proud on its youth from the Youth Office, which realized this project thanks to the Telenor Foundation. High school students in all five Vračar-based high schools and pupils from the elementary school „Dušan Dugalić” can use the Internet for free, thanks to ideas of the Youth Office, with the support of the Telenor Foundation. I would like to invite all the young people from Vračar to join the Youth Office in order to make contribution with their ideas and in order to create a better life for themselves and their peer group through actions such as this one, ” said Branimir Kuzmanović, the President of the Vračar borough. 
The project “Internet for All” has been realised in every high school at the territory of Vračar, as well as in the elementary school specialized in working with mentally challenged children „Dušan Dugalić“.

 “It is our great honour to participate in the project of introducing of the Internet to Vračar-based schools. As a company that supports socially-responsible programs and initiatives, we would like every child to get an opportunity to become familiar with modern ways of communication on time, and to master use of new technologies, which will be very useful to them future, “ said Ana Krstić.

The Telenor Foundation has taken care that pornographic contents is banned from every computer.