Unique corporate culture for success on 13 markets

What way of work and leaders are necessary for success in the telecommunications of the future

January 14, 2015 – The importance of investing in employees, nurturing strong corporate culture and values are just some of the topics of the visit of Telenor Group top management representatives to the company in Serbia, Kjell Morten Johnsen, Executive Vice-President and Head of Europe and Jon Erik Haug, Executive Vice-President and Head of People Development. Opinions were also exchanged on the kind of leaders that are necessary for a successful company, such as Telenor, to ensure healthy development in the future.
“We are always looking for hard-working, talented and ambitious people, within the company and outside it, willing to constantly learn and raise their limits. Through different programmes, we encourage them to develop, advance and to recognise together with us what is best for their future and, consequently, for the company’s future as well. It’s important that we also live the culture we are nurturing, in one way or another, whereby we prove that we are responsible citizens of this society and that we influence all its aspects by our actions,” says Ove Fredheim, CEO of Telenor in Serbia. 
“In Telenor Group we consciously work to develop a unifying company culture – that connects 30 000 employees across our 13 markets and sets us apart in the way we do business. We call it the Telenor Way and it comprises our code of conduct, a set of values and attitudes that we wish to nurture, our mission and vision, as an aspiration,” explains Kjell Morten Johnsen.
Telenor, as the best employer in the previous year, organises a large number of employee programmes and continuously improves open and dynamic working environment. On the annual level, over 150 corporate trainings are held in the company in Serbia, through which individuals and teams are additionally stimulated to achieve a true progress in the company in the right way.
“For us as a global company in a fast-moving telco industry, having people able to move to the markets where their competences are needed most, is the key for sustainable successful business. That wouldn’t be as smooth and efficient, if we didn’t share the same culture. Sure there are cultural differences in details, but our ethical principles, leadership and the way we do business are common across Telenor Group , says Jon-Erik Haug, Executive-Vice President and Head of People Development at Telenor Group.
In the past nine years, 26 employees from Serbia got a chance to work in one of the countries of Telenor operations, and six of them gained experience and shared it with colleagues on their return to the country.   
“Telenor in Serbia performs very well. Having that in mind, and having the opportunity to work closely with some of the colleagues coming from this company, my impression is that Telenor in Serbia has many competent and knowledgeable people who care about their customers,” he said.
“The experience and knowledge of experts from Serbia has been and will be an important contributor in Telenor’s development in the European region. A recent example of using experiences from Serbia in building our operation in Bulgaria, confirms this” says Johnsen.
Principles according to which Telenor operates enable quick adjustment and successful operation in one of the most dynamic and competitive industries in the world.