Three years of the sound map of Belgrade

Stories for new generations

The seminar “Map as a medium” marked three years of work on the project Sound Map of Belgrade.
“Three years ago we have launched the project wanting to record in a modern way talks about the social history of the city and make a sound picture postcard of the places important to Belgraders. That is how a unique mapping method was created for the new presentation of this kind of cultural heritage. The Sound Map can be an added value to the regular tourist offer of the city and a unique archive for the exchange among generations, and we owe great gratitude for the support to the Ministry of Culture, Telenor Foundation and, as of last year, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications”, said Virdžinija Đeković from the Association “Communications Point”, the project initiator.
At the celebration of the third year of the project work there were over 100 collocutors of the map to date and it has been announced that in 2016 an invitation shall be sent to inhabitants of all parts of Belgrade in view of the interest expressed to have other parts, aside from the already mapped Dorćol and Savamala, as the oldest, included in the list of points.

In the self-organised Art Space U10, through several lectures, discussion and multimedia presentations, modern cartography was analysed from several aspects – as designer, touristic, geographic and, broader, social medium.
The seminar “Map as a medium” was an opportunity to gain an insight into the way maps today can communicate as an interdisciplinary medium, as well as ways in which maps can be useful and find their application in arts, economy, journalism. Trough such form of education, mostly students and young professionals have broadened their knowledge and gained insight into new tendencies in the field of digital cartography.

At the address and with the application for Android devices, stories are available in two languages and, as of this year, users have a possibility of downloading specially designed sound walks for travelling through streets and history of Belgrade on their own.

On account of its established unique method of work with the local community, last year the Sound Map was presented at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, as well as several national and foreign festivals.