Three murals presented in Savski venac and Stari grad mnicipalities

“Super Wall” project implemented by the Telenor Foundation, the BELEF and the KIOSK

July 30, 2009 – Three murals, painted by the most renowned street art authors, Blue, Valerio Berruti and M-City, decorate buildings of the capital in Savski venac and Stari grad municipalities as of today. The remaining two murals, produced by Serbian modern artists Biljana Đurđević and Vladimir Perić and painted in Vračar municipality within the “Super Wall” project, will be presented next week.

The “Super Wall” project is jointly implemented by the BELEF, the Telenor Foundation, the Contemporary Art Platform KIOSK, and Vračar, Savski venac and Stari grad municipalities.  
“The “Super Wall” project is closely related to the “Start Up City” project, also executed with the Telenor Foundation, as support to the decision of the Ministry for Public Administration and Local Self-Government to grant the official status of a city to all large towns in Serbia. These projects reintroduce murals as an art form. The fact that prominent world street artists are here in Belgrade this year contributes to the promotion of art at public places, one of the key themes of this year’s BELEF,” says Milica Pekić, the Visual Arts Selector of the BELEF.
Blue, who painted the mural in 6 Pop Lukina Street, is currently the most important and popular muralist in the world. He perceives walls as drawing papers. Valerio Berruti’s mural is located in 61 Resavska Street (“Petar II Petrović Njegoš” Primary School). This increasingly popular young Italian artist will exhibit at the Venice Biennale this year. He uses everyday themes in his work, particularly those from his childhood. M-City is an original project of Marius Varas, and it includes several hundreds of murals painted in many large cities of the world. The main theme of his work is urban landscape. His mural is located in 16 Durmitorska Street.

Through the “Super Wall” project, Telenor has continued to cooperate with the BELEF. Last year, the Foundation was the golden sponsor of the Festival and it implemented the Art2sitON project, where Belgrade got 50 concrete benches, painted by Belgrade artists and located along the Sava and Danube rivers banks, at Kalemegdan, and in several city parks.