This year’s Olympic Day held under the “Run to Support” slogan

June 9, 2012 – The 18th International Olympic Committee Day has been celebrated in our country at the running route in Košutnjak today. In the Olympic year, all Olympic Day participants ran to support the Serbian Olympic Team on its way to the London 2012 Olympics, Olympic glory and medals.
The president of the Serbian Olympic Committee Vlade Divac sent a message to the participants: “The Olympic Day is time to socialise, enjoy time outdoors, spread the Olympic spirit and promotion of Olympic values, environmental protection and, of course, encouragement to indulge in physical activities. Today, we are running to support the Serbian Olympic Team! On this day, after our volleyball team has won a visa for the Olympic Games, the Serbian team includes 109 athletes who will compete at the London 2012 Olympics. We have a strong and a unique team! Now we all need to show them that the entire nation will heartily cheer for them and accompany them on their road to the Olympic medals.”

Vlade Divac, president of OCS, Maja Neable, Chief HR Officer of Telenor and Ljiljana Martinović, Marketing director of Mercator S
Sport shooter Zorana Arunović, a 2010 world champion and a member of the Serbian Olympic Team, read the message Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), sent to the participants.

“In June every year, the world is celebrating the Olympic Day. The National Olympic Committees across the world are gathering thousands of people and spreading the Olympic spirit. The Olympic Day is more than just a day when we celebrate the establishment of the modern Olympic Movement. It’s a day to remind ourselves that we all need to enjoy sports activities, regardless of our age, gender or our skills as athletes. In this Olympic year, more than ever, this day represents an opportunity not only to commence, but also to learn about the importance of sports and sports values in the first place, and that we always must do our best. Defeat and victory do not bear importance, the way we play is what matters. Sport provides a healthier, more balanced life and makes all ages feel better. Dear participants and spectators, enjoy every moment of this Olympic Day and, most of all, have some great fun,” Jacques Rogge says in his message.
In addition to children 200m and 400m races and a 3,600m race of pleasure for all ages, this year’s Olympic Day hosted a family race with both parents and children among participants, and a sponsored relay race with relay race teams of the Serbian Olympic Committee, McDonald’s Serbia and representatives of member companies of the Serbian Olympic Committee’s “Together for London” sponsorship pool. This year, the relay race included participants of the following companies: Telenor, Mercator S, Dunav osiguranje, Verano Group, Elektroprivreda Srbije, EKO Srbije, Ujedinjene srpske pivare, Zekstra, Radio televizija Srbije, dailies Press, Color Press Group, Radio S, Pošta Srbije and Message agency. The Serbian Olympic Committee’s relay team, together with the Committee’s President Vlade Divac, also included the Serbian Olympic Committee’s Executive Manager Damir Štajner, Foundation of Sports and Olympism Director Nataša Janković, Olympic sport shooter Ivana Maksimović, taekwondo athlete Dragana Gladović and kayaker Aleksandar Aleksić.
The Olympic Day, as the most fervent supporter of our Olympic athletes, was also attended by Srećko, the first Serbian Olympic Team’s mascot, who led the Olympic Caravan across Serbia this year, with an aim to additionally strengthen the support to our Olympic team and warm up the atmosphere ahead of the London 2012 Olympics.
The most numerous and the oldest family received a Telenor Touch Pad tablet computer and a prepaid card with 12GB of traffic each, granted by Telenor company, the grand sponsor of the Serbian Olympic team, whereas Mercator S, the golden sponsor of our Olympic athletes granted a gift voucher for purchase in Mercator and Roda retail outlets to the most numerous family. On behalf of Telenor, gifts were granted by HR Sector Executive Director Maja Nibel and on behalf of Mercator S, Ljiljana Martinović, Marketing Director.

McDonald’s Serbia, a long-term sponsor of the Olympic Day, has provided T-shirts and refreshment for the Olympic Day participants, whereas all race participants have once again been granted the International Olympic Committee’s diplomas.