The First University Centre for Students With Disabilities

The University of Belgrade, the Association of Students with Disabilities and the Telenor Foundation – for equal opportunities of quality education for all students

March 20, 2008 – The University Centre for Students with Disabilities, the first in the region, has been opened today as a result of joint efforts of the University of Belgrade, the Association of Students with Disabilities in Belgrade and the Telenor Foundation. The Centre premises are located within the University Library “Svetozar Marković” and are fully adjusted to and equipped for quality and undisturbed work.

The Centre is established in the aim of providing support to students with disabilities in ensuring equal opportunities for quality studies. Through constant and carefully designed activities, students will have support which will improve the high education process: from the selection of a faculty, through a manner and conditions of studies, to job opportunities upon graduation.

“The University in Belgrade has provided huge support, and expressed openness and understanding for needs of students with disabilities from the very beginning. The idea is implemented owing to Telenor, which has recognised the significance of such a centre and supported its establishment. We hope that obstacles we encounter will be minimised in the future and that the Centre will successfully encourage young people to obtain education. Another highly important task of the Centre will be eliminating prejudices towards young people with disabilities and a tendency towards full integration of students with disabilities into all educational and cultural events,” says Ljupka Mihajlovska, the Director of the Association of Students with Disabilities and the Manager of the Centre.

“As any other activity of the Telenor Foundation so far, this one is designed as a long-term project. The Centre and everything it includes is a result of joint efforts. Potential is high, and so are our plans. We have helped the Centre to start operating today and we want to be part of its future,” says Stein Erik Vellan, the CEO of Telenor in Serbia.

The Centre establishment and work, n cooperation with relevant institution, will be one of the ways of raising awareness of the position of people with disabilities in Serbia.

The University Centre for Students with Disabilities is established by the University of Belgrade upon an initiative of the Association of Students with Disabilities in Belgrade, while the Telenor Foundation has supported the overall adaptation and functionality through necessary equipment.