Telenor's series of roundtables begins with "Role of corporations in climate change"

Tobias Webb, a leading expert in business ethics in Europe, special guest at the first roundtable on corporate social responsibility
March 19, 2010 – Global warming as an issue for local companies, corporate role in climate change, how to cooperate and implement steps contributing to the resolution of this important issue – these were the topics of Telenor’s roundtable, attended by Government representatives, NGOs, the media and companies.
The first in the series of roundtable on CSR was ceremonially opened by Radovan Jelašić, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, Kjell-Morten Johnsen, CEO of Telenor in Serbia, and Nebojša Pokimica, Assistant Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning.
“Climate change is a very important social issue and we intend to use our international experience in implementing projects which contribute to environmental protection. The public is to an extent aware of the significance of this issue, and with this we wish to contribute to the establishment of a network of companies which will join forces with other relevant factors in the society and politics and undertake steps towards minimising climate change effects consequences,” says Kjell-Morten Johnsen, CEO of Telenor in Serbia.
Tobias Webb, a leading European expert in the area of business ethics, was a special guest of the roundtable. Webb is also Managing Director of London-based Ethical Corporation, a company specialised in business operations of large companies from the aspect of climate change.
“I am particularly interested in hearing how Serbian economy advances in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. I have not had much information in that regard. Climate change is a very important issue for companies, bearing in mind the establishment of the regulatory framework in the European Union. I am greatly impressed by companies such as Telenor responding to this challenge and considering their role in the society,” says Tobias Webb. 
With the series of roundtables and together with representatives of the Serbian Government, CEOs of large companies, environmental projects managers, NGO representatives and the media, Telenor strives to provide guidelines and recommendations for the implementation of the CSR concept in business.
The discussion participants were also presented with Telenor’s CSR report for 2009, including more than 40 projects and initiatives where the company participated last year, together with many partners in the Government and the NGO sectors.