Telenor's Saw the Olympic Team Off at a Ceremonial Cocktail

Athletes received mobile phones and special packages as gifts

July 21, 2008 – As the grand sponsor of the Olympic Committee and the Olympic team of Serbia, Telenor has organised today a special cocktail for sportsmen and sportswomen in individual sports who will represent our country at the 29th Summer Olympic Games. Wishing them, in addition to good results in Beijing, to have the best connection with Serbia, Telenor has also supplied 22 Olympic Games participants in individual sports with Nokia N-95 mobile phones, with special tariff packages.

The cocktail has been attended by swimmers Ivan Lenđer, Nađa Higl, Miroslava Najdanovski, Vladan Marković, and Radovan Siljevski, athletes Ivana Španović, Tatjana Jelača and Asmir Kolasinac, and members of the national sports shooting team Stevan Pletikosić, Nemanja Mirosavljev, and Damir Mikec.
“We wish to make this gathering an excellent introduction for all that expects the Olympic team in Beijing. We hope that the support we have provided will encourage other companies to do the same in the future. Cooperation between Telenor and the Olympic Committee is a successful example of good practice and professional relations, and I believe that through our joint strategy we have made a road to the coming Games easier for all members of our Olympic team,” said Ivan Ćurković, the President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia.

In addition to the grand sponsorship of the Olympic team of Serbia, Telenor has also financially supported eight competitors in five individual sports, wishing them to fully prepare and represent Serbia at the largest sports event of the third millennium. Those are swimmers Milorad Čavić and Čaba Silađi, athletes Dragana Tomašević and Luka Rujević, rowers Nikola Stojić and Goran Jagar, wrestler Kristijan Fris, and the sports shooting champion, Lidija Mihajlović.
“I believe that we have supported something very important for Serbia and its citizens, and that is the development of sports in the spirit of the Olympic values we share as well: respect for others, friendship and excellence. I wish them to win many medals and to welcome them upon their return from Beijing at an even more ceremonial cocktail,” said Stein-Erik Vellan, the CEO of Telenor in Serbia.

The Olympic team for Beijing includes more than 150 members. The last time that Serbia participated at the Olympic Games as an independent state was in Stockholm in 1912, when the Kingdom of Serbia was represented by two athletes, a sprinter and a marathon runner, with the Government and the Serbian Tram Society as sponsors.