Telenor’s international scholarship

Professional training for best graduates in Serbia

January 20, 2009 – Telenor’s international scholarship will provide most successful faculty graduates in Serbia with a unique opportunity to work in one of Telenor companies in the world and use knowledge acquired during their education in practice. The programme is implemented every 18 months in countries where Telenor operates, and includes scholarships for 12 to 20 graduates of various professions. Telenor in Serbia has joined the programme for the first time, with scholarships for three graduates.
Three selected candidates will undergo three six-month modules. They will gain basic know-how in Telenor in Serbia in the first six months. For the period of the next six months, they will work in a country of Telenor operations which participates in this programme – Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Pakistan, or Malaysia, and the last six months scholarship beneficiaries will again spend in their home country. The final module is also an opportunity to fully implement experience, know-how, and skills gained in the first year in the country and abroad.
Candidates wishing to apply for Telenor’s international scholarship for 2009 are to fulfill the following criteria: completed five-year Master-degree studies with the average grade above 8.5, between 23 and 27 years of age, not more than one year of professional experience, and English language proficiency. Applications are to be submitted by February 01, and the programme starts in September 2009.

All information on the programme and the application form are at disposal at