Telenor’s gift and support to Olympians of Serbia

Athletes received HTC phones and special packages as gift for quick and simple communication

June 12, 2012 – Wishing to support and acknowledge successes they have accomplished so far, Telenor, the general sponsor of the Olympic Team of Serbia, in cooperation with HTC granted mobile phones and special packages to the athletes of Serbia who will represent the country at the London Olympic Games.

Telenor’s stipend beneficiaries in individual sports – archers Jasna Šekarić, Zorana Arunović and Damir Mikec, swimmers Ivan Lenđer and Velimir Stjepanović, taekwondoist Milica Mandić, rowers Goran Jagar, Miloš Vasić, Miljan Vuković and Radoje Đerić, and kayakers Nikolina and Olivera Moldovan – received the latest generation HTC One X phone, exceptional for its design and performance, particularly in regard to speed, camera and sound. Telenor was the first to recently launch this phone at the Serbian market.

Vlade Divac, president of OCS and Marek Slacik, Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor

“In London, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of participation at the Games, we have more than 100 athletes in the Team and I believe that we will win the 100th Olympic medal. First preparations and then successful performance of the Olympic Team of Serbia at the Games largely depend on support of our pool of sponsors. Now, owing to Telenor, our athletes can communicate impressions from the UK capital in real time. I hope and believe that they will communicate good news,” says Vlade Divac, President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia.

Other members of the Olympic Team of Serbia will have an opportunity to report on all relevant developments at the Games via the HTC Desire C phones.

“Telenor is the general sponsor of the Olympic Team for the second consecutive Olympic cycle because for us, as a successful company, it is important to be part of good things. The Serbian Olympic Team has outstanding athletes, who deserve to accomplish a great success at the largest sports event. To make their communication with family, friends and fans easier, we designed special packages for them, while the HTC phones will quickly and simply enable them to be in regular contact with all of them, as well as report a positive atmosphere from the competition to all of us in Serbia,” says Marek Slacik, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Telenor.

At the London Olympic Games, the Olympic Team of Serbia will celebrate the 100th anniversary of participation at this competition. The Team of Serbia currently includes 112 athletes, who will compete for medals in 15 disciplines.