Telenor supports the local music scene

Telenor promotes MVP, Frau Casio, and Ničim izazvan
MVP’s performance at the Telenor building marked the beginning of the cooperation between the record label Lampshade Media, Deezer, and Telenor aimed at supporting the local music scene. Through this cooperation, Telenor will be publicly promoting artists by including them in the new campaign for Play+ packages, which come with free access to the digital music service Deezer.
Thanks to Lampshade Media, Deezer’s library is expanded by local bands, and the artists are finding their way to music lovers in 182 countries in which this service is available.  Thanks to Telenor, local bands are additionally promoted in public, and the young audience gets the chance to easily obtain their favourite music in a way that is most familiar to them.  
“We are living in an era of fast-paced changes, and the needs of customers exceed the needs for minutes, online access, and text messages. Telenor is the first company in Serbia to recognize these trends, and last year introduced music service Deezer, which was excellently accepted by young people. Now, Telenor is taking a step forward and helping young artists to get additional affirmation,” says Petar Babić, Postpaid Manager at Telenor.

In addition to the R&B act MVP, Telenor will also promote the electro-pop artist Frau Casio in the following period, as well as the rock band Ničim izazvan. 
“We are very pleased that a big company like Telenor decided to help young bands, because the local scene truly has room for improvement. The possibility to place their music on one of the biggest global music services is important to every artist, and especially those who are just starting, and so is the opportunity to earn profits from royalties,” says Nikola Jovanović, Director of Lampshade Media. 
Deezer has over 30 million songs in high-quality sound in its library, and it enables users to make playlists, share music with their friends, and listen to music in offline mode.
With the Telenor Play+ postpaid monthly package, the Deezer music service can be activated free of charge, and the Play+ prepaid package comes with a monthly subscription to Deezer at RSD 490. Also, Telenor’s Smart Network high-speed Internet access is provided and exclusively intended for the use of this digital service. 
Let us remind you that Deezer is just one of the digital services offered with the Play+ plans. You can find out more at