Telenor Smart Network at higher speed and better coverage

Telenor Srbija continues to update network and is the only operator to have commercial offer with new modem and tariff plan that supports HSPA+ 42 Mbps technology 

June 19, 2012 - Along with expansion of network coverage, Telenor is upgrading Pametna mreža by introducing HSPA+ 42Mbps technology that delivers average real download speeds from 10-20Mbps. Telenor has started introducing this technology gradually in six cities: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Subotica and Pančevo and by September we will expand the coverage of HSPA+ 42 Mbps to whole 3G foot print.

Right now, customers in these cities enjoy the full potential of Pametna mreža network with the only commercial offer on the market, which includes HSPA+ 42Mbps modem for the price of 2990 RSD and „Surfuj više 50“  tariff plan. With this offer, customers will experience up to ten times higher speeds than before network renovation.

 “There is a higher demand for smart devices on the market that triggers demand for the ultimate smart device experience which is always driven by speed and coverage of the network. Thanks to the complete network swap last year we were able to launch our Pametna Mreža with up to 5 times faster internet. Now until September the whole Telenor 3G network will be up to 10 times faster thanks to the latest technology. This is the biggest investment in 3G coverage since the launch of 3G network by Telenor in Serbia resulting in hundreds of new sites being launched during this year”, says Marek Slacik, Telenor Chief Marketing Officer.

From the beginning of network renovation, Telenor has increased the number of 3G base stations, now reaching 70% of population coverage with continual expansion of the network capacities in order to cover areas with frequent data traffic.
“Telenor is one step ahead of device manufacturers since there are only few commercially available devices which support this technology. Our network is readily awaiting these devices to appear in the market and we are ready to introduce them to our portfolio“, says Slacik.

Users can check the coverage changes and speed enhancements of HSPA+42 Mbps network by using an interactive coverage map available at The same map can locate all Telenor shops and Internet parks opened by Telenor.