Telenor re-launches recycling of mobile phones

23 January 2015 – The citizens who have an old or an unusable mobile phone may bring it to any Telenor shop wherefrom it will be taken to recycling. In this way, Telenor is helping them dispose of their device in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. Due to the large interest, Telenor has launched the recycling initiative again aiming to provide a continuous contribution to resolving the growing problem of electronic waste which affects environmental pollution. 
“Almost immediately upon entering the Serbian market eight years ago, we were the first operator in the country who started recycling the old mobile telephones. We then inspired and mobilised many citizens, be they our users or not, to jointly contribute to environmental protection and raise awareness of environmental pollution to a higher level. We are now continuing with this action and calling on all the citizens to join us”, says Kristina Mitrović, Environmental Project Specialist at Telenor.
Mobile phones and recycling
• The majority of mobile telephony users buy new devices once in every two years. According to the estimates, the number of old telephones that the users will dispose of will be 3,2 million by 2020; 
• More than 90% of the mass of materials may be rehabilitated and used again; 
• Disposal of mobile telephones means also disposal of valuable metals (palladium and gold), and this waste pollutes the environment by releasing toxic substances such as lithium and cadmium; 
• Batteries represent up to 30% of the mass of a telephone and may significantly harm the environment;
• Recycling of a mobile telephone battery requires 90% less energy than the production thereof.
With a view to informing and involving as many people as possible into taking care of the environment, Telenor has prepared a series of practical advice in the form of eco miniatures and short animated films that may be readily applied in daily life. All the episodes are accessible on Telenor Facebook page – Telenor Serbia.