Telenor provides equipment for Serbian olympic bobsleigh team

Serbian bobsleighers start competing in Vancouver on February 26, at the most difficult track in the world

February 24, 2010 - The Olympic bobsleigh team of Serbia -- pilot Vuk Rađenović, Slobodan Matijević, Miloš Savić and Igor Šarčević -- will compete in qualifications in Vancouver on February 26, and finals are scheduled for the day after.

Serbian bobsleighers have had several training practices at a technically highly demanding track in Vancouver, described recently by sport experts as the most difficult in the world.

“The track is exceptionally difficult, and it is a great success to complete a race on runners. Pilots all say that we should consider ourselves lucky if we reach the end of the track without rolling over. So far, we have had four training practices in a four men bobsleigh, with no problem. I hope that with good coordination and solid start, we can reach top 15 teams,” says Vuk Rađenović, the pilot of the Serbian Olympic bobsleigh team.

Telenor, the general sponsor of the Olympic team of Serbia, has additionally supported the Serbian bobsleigh crew and provided full equipment for its members: bobsleigh sprint shoes, spikes for bobsleigh sprint shoes, helmets, competition and training bodysuits, protection shirts made of special Kevlar material, and winter jackets.

“An excellent bobsleigh has been rented, and owing to Telenor, we are not concerned about equipment, since we have everything we need for training and competition. The atmosphere is good, boys are reaching the required weight, so that we can eliminate as many scales from the bobsleigh as possible. We need to concentrate, have a good start and hope for success,” adds Rađenović.

Switzerland’s team 2 and Australia and Lichtenstein’s teams 1 have cancelled the participation due to health reasons. The remaining teams are best and the candidates for a medal are Germany’s teams 1 and 2, and Russia, USA and Switzerland’s teams 1.

The Serbian bobsleigh team has been the official promoter of the “My Team” campaign. As the general sponsor of the Olympic team of Serbia at the Winter Olympic Games, Telenor presents to the public members of the team who compete in Vancouver under the flag of Serbia for the first time.