Telenor presents its “2010 ready, turn, go” art calendar

Calendar invites to environmental protection throughout the year, and can be used as decorative item, coaster, wall decoration afterwards

December 21, 2009 – Telenor’s 2010 art calendar consists of 12 green circles, designed to remind of the richness of nature, its importance and beauty. By combining circles at the beginning of each month of 2010, it is possible to design a personal environmental protection campaign.

The calendar designers are ”Od–do” architects Nataša Ilinčić and Jugoslava Kljakić, renowned for project designs promoting sustainable approach in design. Application of new technologies, combination of natural materials and unused waste in work, as well as a wish to find creative answers to the ecological crisis, are common values which have related them to Telenor.

“Our aim is to include subscribers into active use of items we design and make room for them to act on their own. At the same, we discreetly remind of one of the most important issues of today – ecology. I believe that, together with Telenor’s creative team, we have accomplished that, and much more. The calendar is a result of good combination of inspiration and organisation,” says Nataša Ilinčić.

Such cooperation can already be called traditional. The “2010 READY, TURN, GO” calendar is the third calendar made by Telenor in cooperation with local artists. This year’s cooperation with the “from – to” group represents a crown of the company’s work on ecological projects. 

"Telenor has for years been focused on environmental protection and ecology. We do not need to open a newspaper to see how significant that issue is. The best way to do something is to start from ourselves, and therefore the central topic of our calendar for 2010 is environmental protection. Let this be the year when we will focus more on it," says Kjell-Morten Johnsen, Telenor CEO.
The previous two calendars also resulted from larger projects. The first one, “Challenge the Wall”, by Aleksandar Maćašev, was a reproduction of 12 best works from the award contest for the design of Telenor’s wallpapers, and the second one for 2009, called “New City Face” by Igor Oršolić, represented projects with which the Telenor Foundation supported mural painting in the cities of Serbia. A common feature of all calendars is that they are multifunctional and stay for long with their owner.